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Styling trends 2020

Plant parents of Europe, let’s unite and break the chains of tired and stilted interior design. A new decade is upon us and it brings fresh trends. So grab your plants, gently wipe away the dust (like the PLNTS doctor is constantly telling me to do) and come on a journey to the future of houseplants.


A real bright spark

Whether you are in Berlin, Brussels or Doncaster, building your very own pinterest dream apartment is a cinch! Two little words; form and function. That means creating spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful (and minimising clutter).

My signature move is to pair a classic terracotta feeder with an elegant glass holder. Who would have thought that unleashing your inner Marie Kondo was so simple? You can either grab yourself a matcha latte and wait for inspiration to strike or, better yet, follow #PLNTitandtheywillcome for some minimalist PLNTS’ inspo.

Help?! My space is flatlining

There’s strength in numbers. So why not create a little army of houseplants? Having one big statement area in your space can create an unforgettable impression while keeping that minimalistic charm elsewhere. Modern living can be stressful, so I’ve created a little oasis of calm that does wonders for my headspace.

Top of the pots

This year the plant world is going crazy for ceramics and who can blame them? Now, when you think of ceramic you may picture stuffy porcelain ornaments in your grandparents’ home. But believe me, these aren’t your nanna’s accessories.

But just remember, you wouldn’t go to a wedding in sweatpants, would you? Exactly! So make sure you grab a style of pot that complements your plant. Have a look at the range and ensure that from dawn to dusk your PLNTS are dressed to slay.


Become a PLNTS celebrity

So those are my tips for 2020. If you have perfected any of these styles, let me know. Don’t be greedy, share how you are rocking these tips at home for a chance to be featured on the Instagram.

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Plants make Lisa very happy and she is secretly addicted to buying lots of BabyPLNTS. She loves to inspire the community with fun content, from styling tips to plant care to new products!

06 agosto 2023
Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!