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How we transport our plants in cold winter weather

A guide on how we at PLNTS transport our beloved plants in winter & Tips to take weather forecasts in account before placing your order

We love our plants all year round and we are very happy that our PLNTS community feels the same! Of course our plants love to travel all over Europa to their new loving homes, although wintertime can be challenging for them… In this blog we will inform you how we transport our plants in cold winter weather. You will know exactly which route your beloved new green family members will take to arrive in your home and you’ll learn what you can do to give them the best possible start!

Transport of plants during mild winter temperatures

When temperatures stay above 0 degrees during daytime, our plants can travel safely and happily! Usually they can survive up to 2 to 2,5 weeks on the road from our greenery to your home. We do recommend to add a heat pack to your order when temperatures during daytime don’t exceed 15 degrees. The plants will be grateful for this extra care! In the paragraphs below we’ll let you know all there is to know about the heat packs.

Transportation of plants during cold winter temperatures: our recommendation

We highly recommend to postpone your order in case of cold winter temperatures. Temperatures are getting to cold when they turn under 0 degrees during daytime. Plants are delicate beings and freezing conditions make their roots turn too cold. They will have a rough start at least while the worst case scenario is that they might not survive. We don’t want to let our plants suffer so we always recommend to check out the weather forecast in your country!

Tip: when the weather is too cold to make your order, mark you favorites on our website!

In the top right corner of every product in our shop you will find a heart shaped icon. By clicking on the heart the plant will be saved in your list of favorites! First make an account and make sure you log in. Your favorites will be saved for your next visit, even if it takes some weeks for the temperatures to warm up again!

When do we have to stop shipping?

We will only stop shipping in the rare occasion that the winter in The Netherlands, where our greenery is located, is too cold. We will always make the wellbeing of our plants a priority! When the temperatures are too cold to transport them safely and happily to your home, we will take action. Of course we understand your sadness of having to wait a little longer for the arrival of your long desired new green friends… We’ll make sure that your new green family members are staying warm and cozy in our greenery, together with their PLNTS family.

When can you expect your plants to arrive at your home?

As soon as the conditions will climb back up to 0 degrees during daytime, we will start packing again. We will tuck your plants and Baby plants in with extra care so that they can safely come your way, finally! From this moment the regular transport and delivery guidelines will apply again.

The advantages of adding a heat pack to your order!

Plants are a delicate product to transport and therefor need some extra love and care. When you add the heat pack to your order, we will tuck them in warmly so that they will arrive in your home happy and healthy! You will have a 30 days health guarantee with this heat pack so even when a plant arrives a little unhappy we will do all we can to make you and, if possible, the plant happy again!

How can you add the heat pack to your order?

You can add the heat pack to your order during the checkout process at All you have to do is to check the box ‘heat pack’, easy as that! It costs €1,60. But if you have a large package we will add more heat packs free of charge! Sometimes you will find a heat pack wrapped in paper in your package. We do this with a purpose! When we add a hot heat pack close to the leaves, this will cause burns. To avoid this, we wrap the heat pack in paper so that the plants receive the heat in an indirect way. She loves this!

How long will a heat pack stay warm?

We have heat packs that will stay warm for periods of 48 hours, 72 hours and 96 hours. We’ll choose the heat pack that suits the expected traveling duration to your home address. Your plants will stay nice and warm while they are comfortably shipped to your home.

Nothing is as unpredictable as the weather but we got you and the plants covered, no matter what kind of weather!


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