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Help your plants through the winter!

The cold and dark days have arrived. They are shorter and we like to warm up our house during this time. This brightens up our soul, but our plants a little less. Normally your babies get their energy from light and since that is less present they now take a winter rest. Give them that rest and help them get through the winter with these tips.

Pay attention to the incidence of light

It may be wise to find a spot with just a little more light for your plant. This doesn't have to be direct sunlight (in fact, preferably not) but a few feet towards the window will work wonders.

Move plants that are on or next to the heater.

We love to warm up our house in the winter. This makes the plants less happy because it gives them dry air. The warm air rises along the leaves and dries them out.

Increase the humidity

When yellow and brown edges develop along the leaf, it is a sign that the humidity in the room is too low. There are several ways to increase it. One of the best-known ways is to place bowls with water on the heater. Make sure to change this water regularly. In addition, purchasing a humidifier is, of course, the perfect solution.

Grab the plant spray more often

A spraying ensures more humidity in the air and ends up on the leaf. You could do this every day, but skip your Begonia, its leaves are not very water resistant. We have some fun plant sprays at PLNTS.

Keep your plants away from drafts and the cold

Most indoor plants cannot handle a temperature below 10 degrees. Therefore, it is better not to place your plants on the windowsill when it is colder outside. This way you can be sure that the temperature does not fall below this and that they do not suffer from cold.

Water less

A plant grows from light and water. There is less light during winter and therefore your plant needs less water. It is important not to overwater. Check whether the soil is ready for a little water again by sticking your fingertip 2-3 cm into the soil.

Save the plant food for the spring

Plant nutrition is important for the growth of your plants. But: less light and water means less growth. Sometimes growth even stops for a while. This way the plant does not need extra nutrition. Keep an eye on it, if you think you can see new growth you can start supplementing again.

With these tips you can enjoy your plants all winter long! And you can certainly enjoy yourself, since you don't have to work as hard for it. They get through the winter with less light, less water, less nutrition and a little extra moisture and the right temperature is all they ask for.

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06 agosto 2023
Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!