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How to start with hydroponics? (DIY)

In this blog we will tell you all about hydroponics, a very trendy and decorative way to style and propagate your PLNTS in glass! After reading this blog you’ll not only know what hydroponics is, but also which plants are suitable for hydroponics, what essentials you need and how to start immediately yourself! As a bonus we have added a DIY video on the bottom of this article. The video will show you all the (easy!) steps to start.

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a form of propagation or displaying of plants in which you put the roots of your plant in the spotlights. It is a propagation technique in which you put a plant cutting in water so that it can root. When the roots are strong enough you can repot the cutting in soil but you can also let it continue to grow in the water.


What are the benefits of hydroponics?

The big plus side of hydroponics is that your plant doesn’t need much attention. She will gain all the nutrition from the water. Another benefit is the cool appearance. Doesn’t it look super cool to watch the roots grow in the water behind the glass?! Because of the glass and water you can decorate your home in a light and fresh way!

Which plants are suitable for hydroponics or hydroponic propagation?

  • Codiaeum
  • Anthurium
  • Begonia
  • Hemionitis Arifolia
  • Spathiphyllum
  • Clusia
  • Avocado plant (from the seed)
  • Syngonium
  • Calathea
  • Monstera
  • Philodendron
  • Pilea
  • Epipremnum

Our favourites are:

Hydroponic essentials: what do you need to start hydroponic propagation?

  • A plant or cutting (Not all houseplants are suitable for hydroponics. It’s best to choose a plant that is used to gaining nutrition from water. You can either make a cutting yourself or you can use a plant from your home that you prepare for hydroponics)
  • A bowl or pot to collect the soil from the original plant
  • A bowl with lukewarm water to wash the roots of the plant
  • Glass vase, pot or a propagation set Tip: choose a size that matches the size of your plant of cutting!
  • A bottle of mineral water
  • A funnel or a bottle with pouring spout
  • A pipette
  • A bottle of plant nutrition

The 5 stages in the hydroponic process of growing plants

Step 1: Time to clean

Collect the soil from the roots in a bowl or pot.

Step 2: Bath time!

Use the bowl with lukewarm water to wash the roots as clean (and gentle!) as possible.

Step 3: Make the (water) bed

Use the funnel of pouring spout to fill the glasses of your choice with mineral water.

Step 4: Feeding time!

Use the pipette to collect a drop of nutrition and add it to the water. Add a few drops if your glass is bigger.

Step 5: Final touch

Place the roots carefully in the glass and give them a pretty place in your home!

What care does the plant need when it is growing in water?

As said before, the benefit of hydroponics is that the plant doesn’t need a lot of care. It gains all the needed nutrition from the water. It’s best to use mineral water since that water is full of vitamins and minerals that your plant will love! Another advantage is the lack of lime in mineral water which will help to keep the glass free of lime scale. Provide the plant with new water every two weeks and don’t forget to add a drop of nutrition after every change.

Start quick and easy with our propagation video

We also made a video about hydroponic propagation to help you start yourself quick and easy. Have fun!


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