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Decorating with houseplants to match your Scandinavian interior style

Everyone is familiar with Scandinavian interiors. Its strength is actually keeping it as simple as possible combined with a calm colour palette and natural materials. The colour white and grey often play the main role and together with different types of wood, simple lines and some woolly elements here and there, it makes a perfect Scandinavian interior! Nowadays, you see more different possibilities, such as using some warmer colours or pastel shades in the accessories combined with the recognisable white. It's all possible! As long as it stays light and cosy! Below I list some recognisable elements that fit the Scandinavian interior and, of course, which houseplants go perfectly with it. Let's find out by reading this blog further!

History of Scandinavian interior design

Scandinavian interior design, originating from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, dates from 1936 to the present day. In other words, the Scandinavian countries! The style can be recognised by functionality, minimalism and simplicity. The aim is to enhance 'the everyday'. Clean lines, organic shapes and simple designs inspired by nature. The cold, long and dark winters created a very strong desire for light and cosiness. Light colours are still one of the important features of Scandinavian interiors. Moreover, the designs also had to be affordable. Beautiful and functional products should not only be reserved for the rich, but the designs should also be available to people who are less well off financially. So Scandinavian design is for everyone - wonderful!

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Features of Scandinavian interior style

A number of things have already been mentioned that really characterise Scandinavian interiors. Below, I have explained a few more basic features that you should pay attention to. Having these five points in mind will take you a long way!

  • Neutral colour palette: White always plays the leading role in this colour palette, creating a calm and light atmosphere. Furthermore, you can complement this palette with pastel colours, grey and, of course, earth tones. Together, this forms the perfect base and makes your home feel both light and cosy.

  • Natural materials: Scandinavians love nature and it really shows in the interiors! Make use of different types of wood, wicker, jute and rattan. This immediately creates a warmer atmosphere.

  • White walls: White walls also create the perfect base for a Scandinavian interior. They create a minimalist look and also bring more light into your home. This is something Scandinavians are very conscious of due to the dark and long winter months.

  • Simple accessories: No eye-catchers and lavish colours: Scandinavian style is all about simplicity and tranquillity. Decoration is therefore kept to a minimum. Simplicity adorns.

  • Lots of greenery: Despite the minimalist style in terms of decoration, greenery in the home is very important! Because plants also bring you closer to nature.

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The best plants to add to your Scandinavian interior decor

As I mentioned above, green brings you closer to nature, something that is very important in Scandinavian interiors. Because the base is so neutral, many plants fit perfectly into this interior! The greenery pops out and makes for an extra cosy and lively home. Below you will find a top five of plants that fit perfectly and are also easy to care for.

Philodendron Birkin M

The Philodendron Birkin has beautiful green leaves with thin white stripes that perfectly match its neutral colour palette. Moreover, it is also an easy plant to care for and each new leaf is a real treat. The green leaves with the white form a very nice and subtle contrast.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia L

The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is a super strong plant that can stand in any location and is very easy to care for. It has beautiful long stems with deep green shiny leaves. Even during long and dark winter months, this handsome stays shiny!

Monstera Deliciosa XL

A Monstera Deliciosa really shouldn’t be missing in this interior! This plant creates a lovely big green feeling all at once. Because it has holes in its leaves, it will never feel too much. Also, this big beauty is easy to take care of, something that is very nice! In general, (variegated) Monstera's are perfect plants to add to your Scandinavian interior. The Monstera Deliciosa Less Variegata or Monstera Thai Constellation are real showstoppers!

Calathea Orbifolia XL

The Calathea Orbifolia is a plant that stands out a bit more, but certainly not out of place. Her leaves are light green and beautifully silver striped, so she also fits very well among the lines of a Scandinavian interior.

Ficus Lyrata Branched

This Ficus Lyrata totally enhances the minimalist atmosphere! As it grows on a trunk, it creates a calm but green atmosphere. Perfect for the Scandinavian style and it stands out beautifully against a white wall, can you imagine?

Scandinavian plant pots that will match your interior!

With a plant comes a pot, of course! Totally understandable that the pot has to match your Scandinavian interior perfectly. That is why I have listed a number of plant pots for you to make it just a little bit easier. This way, you can continue the Scandinavian atmosphere with our plants, pots and maybe also with our new candle line!

A happy place is a green space

All in all, the right plants and pots bring much more atmosphere to an interior. Whatever the style, plants really do go with everything! Scandinavian style is really something that will never go away. Do you prefer reading about industrial or bohemian interior styles? Then be sure to read our other two blogs for even more inspiration! We'd love to see your (Scandinavian) space with plants! Share your space with #PLNTSvibe on Instagram and who knows, maybe your photo will pop up on our feed!


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