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We will help your PLNTSsitter to be the perfect parent for your green family while you are on holiday!

Whether you are away for a week, or you decide to take a month-long holiday abroad, arranging a plant sitter is one of the necessary evils of being a PLNTSparent. It is always nerve-racking to leave your beautiful green babies under the care of somebody else. All you can do is hope for the best. The PLNTSfamily has your best interests at heart and wants to help you and your plants! We have designed printables that will give your PLNTSsitter the necessary knowledge on how to take care of all your green babies. With this help you can enjoy your well deserves careless holiday. You’ll know that you’ll return to your beautifully healthy plants afterwards!


Turn your PLNTSsitter into a real PLNTSparent.

To make sure your PLNTSsitter gives each plant the specific care it needs, we have created a printable care calendar and name tags to stick in the pot with your plants (or on the pot), so your PLNTSsitter has the right care guide for each plant. This way you are sure that your PLNTSsitter is going to be a true holiday-hero!

On the plant care calander you can write a personal message for your PLNTSsitter and – of course – you write down the names and the days your plants need water. The calendar explains exactly how much water the PLNTSsitter should give and it explains step by step what your PLNTSsitter should do and needs. Easy as that!

Prepare yourself for a careless holiday and download our PLNTSsitter care calander and name tags, you’ll find the downloads at the bottom of the blog. Then print them out and cut out the name tags so that you can place one with each plant. We recommend putting the name tags on a skewer and placing it in the pot next to your plant. Of course, you can also stick the name tag on the pot.

A big THANK YOU to your PLNTSsitter.

Of course you are grateful to those who took care of your green babies while you worked on getting a tan. Make sure you pass on the plants karma and return the favour if you are ever asked. Also give a big thank you with the perfect gift for your PLNTSsitter. We helped you with creating the perfect gift. We are convinced that your PLNTSsitter has really experienced how much fun plants are after looking after yours! This is why we have selected the perfect miniature indoor garden with 3 BabyPLNTS, a beautiful basket and our Potting Soil, waiting to be given a nice spot in your PLNTSsitters home.



Enjoy your holiday! We would love to see your tips on how to find the best PLNTSsitter or maybe even some inspirational photos of your usage of the PLNTSsitter care calender! Use #PLNTSsitter on Instagram to share everything on your quest for the best PLNTSsitter!

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