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Moss pole for Monstera

Moss pole for Monstera

The Monstera is a popular plant family with many attractive relatives. Think of the Monstera Deliciosa, Monstera Adansonii, or the Monstera Thai Constellation. The Monstera grows naturally on trees, using its aerial roots to grip onto them. This allows the plant to have enough support to climb further up the tree. This way of growing makes the plant a holo-epiphyte, meaning it develops its own root system in the ground but climbs on another plant to thrive better.

Monstera roots on moss pole

Growing on the forest floor of the tropical rainforest, the Monstera is covered by a dense canopy of tall trees. By climbing up the trees, the Monstera can capture more light, enabling it to thrive better. Since this is the natural growth pattern of the Monstera, it is preferred to keep it this way in your urban jungle. You can achieve this by using a climbing aid, such as a moss pole or plantstake. Without this support, the plant will hang down and grow in various twisted shapes and producing smaller leaves. Therefore, it's a wise choice to grow your Monstera on a moss pole or with some other kind of support.

Monstera plant on moss pole

Curious about the options for moss poles? We've listed them here!

Moss pole for Monstera

Thiccly climbing pole for Monstera

Organic climbing pole for Monstera

Plant support for Monstera

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Those were quite a few products to give your Monstera a shoulder to lean on! Do you already know which climbing pole you'll go for? Maybe the classic moss pole or something flashy like the plantstake? Whatever you choose, your Monstera will be super grateful! Want to sneak a peek at all the beautiful Monstera plants we sell? Click here.

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!