Aureum Marble Queen


Aureum Marble Queen Epipremnum
Baby Aureum Marble Queen€4.95

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about this plant
Die Epipremnum pinnatum Marmorkönigin ist besser bekannt als Scindapsus aureum und gehört zur Familie der Araceae. Die Pflanze stammt aus den Wäldern Südostasiens; hier können die Blätter bis zu 90 cm groß werden. In diesen Waldgebieten wächst das Epipremnum im Schatten als Kletterpflanze entlang der Bäume.
  • diameter6cm
  • height±10cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • care leveleasy
  • benefitsair cleaner
Die Epipremnum Aureum Marble Queen liebt Licht, aber stelle sie nicht ins direkte Sonnenlicht. Sie mag feuchtes Substrat, aber keine kalten Füße, gib ihr also lieber mehrmals pro Woche einen kleinen Schluck Wasser. Du kannst ihre schönen Blätter so fröhlich und glänzend erhalten, wenn du sie regelmäßig leicht mit Wasser besprühst.
Maria Ibanez Sabate - 12. April 2021
I purchased many plants from PLNTS and overall I'm really happy with everything. However, the marble queen was a disappointment. It arrived with 4 leaves, two of them really tiny. Nothing like the picture. In a month only one leave has grown.
lauranika_ - 24. März 2021
Arrived exactly like in the picture, in perfect condition.
Rasha Suliman - 14. März 2021
Amazing plant thank you
Misia - 19. November 2020
Flawless baby plant arrived with plenty of big leaves. Pretty much like in the picture!
Margot Vercautter - 11. November 2020
Mooi plantje en geen beschadiging. Leuk om toe te voegen aan je collectie!
Jill N. - 04. November 2020
Really nice leaves! Arrived in perfect condition!
Elisabelle Gerard - 19. Oktober 2020
Tres belle, reçu rapidement
Naureen Zulfiquar - 04. Oktober 2020
Super cute. However it was quite small even for a baby plant, with only 4 small leaves. Strong roots though so hopefully it'll grow! Mine also doesn’t have as much variagation as I would have hoped for, it's more green than marbled.
bunny - 05. September 2020
Could tell by one of the leaves that the plant have been over watered before. Good roots and it will grow well!
Sumin - 22. August 2020
Absolutely love this plant! A lot bigger leaves and stronger roots than expected as well. Very happy with it.
véronique - 16. Juli 2020
Très belle plante déjà bien touffues. Reprise sans aucun problème. Je recommande les yeux fermés !
Boby TANG - 10. Juli 2020
Beautiful plant with a lot of leaves and a new one popping out, the colors are just perfect..
Ellie - 06. Juli 2020
Really happy with this plant, strong roots and lovely full leaves!

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