Dischidia  Nummularia



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Töpfe perfekt für diese Pflanze:

Lisa Pot Green
Nea Hanging Pot Grey
Lisa Pot Fresh White
Terracotta Pot Grey
Anzuchttopf Transparent
    Über diese Pflanze

    Small,round and cute leaves, do we need anything else? The Dischidia Nummularia gives a ton of these adorable leaves, on hanging vines, how cool?! She is a very easy going plant, which makes her the perfect addition for inexperienced PLNTSparents. She has earned a very fitting nickname to her look, namely ‘String of Nickels’. Can you also use a mellow plant? Buy Dischidia Nummularia online.

    • Durchmesser14cm
    • Höhe±25cm
    • LiebtHalbschattig

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