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Arabica Coffea
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    über diese Pflanze

    Die Coffea Arabica (Baby) hat ihre Ursprünge in der Natur Äthiopiens. Wie auch die Entdeckung des Tees wurde Kaffee zufällig von einigen Mönchsziegen entdeckt, die nach dem Konsum der Bohnen sehr wach waren. Erwarte jedoch keine Kaffeebohnen von dieser kleinen Zimmerpflanze, sondern lieber grüne, glänzende Blätter. Die Baby Coffea Arabica ist eine Pflanze, die auch Vollsonne aushält. Mit etwas Liebe wird sie schnell zu einer großen Zimmerpflanze.

    • Durchmesser4cm
    • Höhe±15cm
    • liebtsonnige Plätze
    • VorteileLuftreiniger
    • haustierfreundlichnicht giftig
    Jordi Heilbron - 16. Februar 2022
    Mariana de Jesús Suárez Jesús - 21. November 2020
    I received it in perfect conditions, way better and bigger than in the picture. Coffee plants are very particular about their care, as they're very specific about soil, light and humidity: please, do keep this in mind before getting yourself one of these! I waited about two weeks after it arrived to transplant it to a slightly bigger pot, with some volcanic rocks added, and it has grown so fast that there are roots coming out of the bottom already, which is quite spectacular as these babies are not fast growers: it can take up to 5 years for a plant to fully mature and produce beans. Just keep that in mind if you're planning to grow coffee in case of a zombie apocalypse! :)
    Sazzy - 19. November 2020
    Plant arrived in really good condition, slightly bigger than I expected.
    Molly Hadley - 10. November 2020
    I rate plnts very highly (I would like to very much make that clear!) but out of the 17 plants I ordered this was the only one that arrived in not such a good state, all of the stems are serverely shrivelled and an not sure if it’ll survive as it was a gift for someone so I can’t monitor. The leaves are healthy and the size of the plant was good but like I say the stems look shrillved possibly beyond repair but for one bad out of 17 plants that’s really not bad and I can get over that! It is also cold in UK now and it was in the post a little while so maybe that didn’t help. Anyway fingers crossed for this lil guy!
    Anca Dragoe - 23. August 2020
    It arrived in excellent condition! Even better than the picture !!

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