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    about this plant

    The baby Monstera Adansonii, sometimes known as a Swiss cheese plant or a monkey mask, is a natural climber. If you give her a bit of space in your living room you will quickly see roots emerging to try to find things to grab hold of. Offer them a wire or a post to hold on to and in no time your Monstera will be on its way upwards, and will show how happy she is by sprouting big new leaves.

    • diameter2cm
    • height±15cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • care leveleasy
    • benefitsair cleaner

    The baby Monstera Adansonii is quite straightforward to take care of- she likes moist earth and lots of light, but not full sunshine. Because of these two preferences we found that the ideal spot for her is a naturally light bathroom. In spring and summer, the growing season, regularly give some extra organic PLNTS nutrition to support your plant optimally.

    Emma DE ALMEIDA - May 06, 2022
    Plus petite que sur la photo, mais aucun soucis avec la livraison. Après deux semaines la plante se porte bien.
    Katarína HOLLA - February 10, 2021
    They arrived quite small and I was little worried. I was so wrong. They pick up immediately and they are growing fast, adding a leaf every two week. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Polin Azimzadeh - November 17, 2020
    Very beautiful and cute!
    Sarah Shaw - November 14, 2020
    My plant came in good condition considering I ordered it in the colder months, and no damage from beong in the post thanks to the very protective packaging. It was a little bit dirty for displaced soil but that was easily fixed. Very happy with my plant!
    Molly Hadley - November 10, 2020
    I ordered two adonsonii baby plants. One is larger with fewer leaves, one is smaller with many more leaves. Both are lovely though! Arrived beautifully packaged and healthy and two weeks down the line they are settling in well!
    Abigail Edmonds - November 09, 2020
    Have had for awhile and is growing well months later even post transition to leca!
    Lina Maniusyte - November 08, 2020
    like picture. Grows very quickly. Beautiful plant.
    Mahalia English - November 06, 2020
    Just like picture, plant in very good health and condition. Absolutely adore!
    Jana S. - October 18, 2020
    I ordered 4 baby plants. This one was a little bigger than two of the order, but it’s really pretty and it came in a healthy condition. It is already showing some new leafs.
    Sarah Peter - September 26, 2020
    I ordered three of these in size "S" to give to friends and family, since they enjoyed my other big one I already had so much! All of them had a pretty decent size, although one was a lot bigger than the other two. But that's fine, it would be boring if each plant was always the same. ;) All of them were packaged really nicely and weren't stressed from shipping at all. Excellent condition! They are all already growing pretty nicely and have all made new leaves already in the 2-3 weeks since they were bought! I can't wait to see how they will look once they are bigger! :)
    hazyhazy - August 26, 2020
    Perfect, just like the picture.
    Anca Dragoe - August 23, 2020
    It is a bit smaller than the picture but it arrived in excellent condition. Very pretty !!
    Laura Quesada - August 15, 2020
    Took a week to arrive but it is very healthy and cute :) a little stressed from shipping, but it will recover
    Tanja - August 11, 2020
    Plant arrived quick and in perfect condition! Its growing really fast, 3 new leaves in one week
    Dominika Sudra - August 03, 2020
    Plant has arrived in perfect condition! Extremely pleased with this order! :)
    SOMMERMONT Marie - June 26, 2020
    Bien reçue, toujours bien emballée, aujourd'hui une nouvelle feuille en 2 semaines environ

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    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!