Alocasia Gageana

Elephant Ear


Alocasia Gageana

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about this plant
The Alocasia Gageana is like lots of Alocasias known as the Elephant Ear plant. She owes that name to her large, deep green, ribbed leaves which just look alike. This beauty likes to occupy a lot of space as she is used to in her natural environment. This way she is able to grow great heights and really show her splendour within your room.
  • diameter21cm
  • height±70cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • benefitsair cleaner
The Alocasia Gageana occurs naturally in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. She is an easy type and thrives in many growing conditions. The soil should always be slightly moist, but not wet. Then the roots can rot. The best way to check if the Alocasia Gageana needs water is to check the soil with your finger. She is used to high humidity. Give her leaves a spray every now and then: she loves it! This beauty also likes a little sun and doesn't do well in shady spots. Part shade is perfect!
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lno - October 05, 2022
It's so much bigger than I thought, very healthy with many new leafs coming and it looks like a plant straight out of a ghibli movie !
Michael Gatt - September 05, 2022
Fantastic plant. The plant was way bigger than expected.
Veerle Vanleeuw - April 06, 2022
First time I ordered such a big plant! It was carefully packed and arrived in great condition. I'm very happy with this new beautiful green friend.
Sissi Li - April 23, 2021
So big and beautiful. Arrived in perfect condition with a lot of big leaves and new ones. One big main bush and a few small ones I think I’ll need to repot it soon because they are growing fast! It’s only been a couple of weeks and already have one huge new leave and several smaller new ones. Super well packed. Only no care points here - hoping to have a more detailed care suggestions! :)
Bscholfield - November 25, 2020
Amazing plant! Mine arrive today alot bigger than expected...80cm tall and 1m wide, it's huge with 5 massive leaves! Very healthy and strong, with no damage. Couldn't be happier
Elizabeth Beckett - November 14, 2020
I'm thrilled with this beautiful striking plant. I was surprised that its so large. It arrived with all its friends in excellent condition in perfect health. I gave them a drink and repotted the babies and all are doing well. Well packed healthy plants. Thank you!
Lina Maniusyte - November 08, 2020
Worth more than 5 stars. Amazing condition on arrival. Bigger than expected. Its a Queen on the house!

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