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The Stromanthe are plants with colourful foliage. You will see this foliage shine in all types of different poses, since the Stromanthe is a prayer plant. This means that her leaves move depending on the light situation at a specific moment. During the day you will find her leaves open and they slowly close when it is beginning to get dark. Maybe you can even hear her leaves rustling as they move, cool right?

You might confuse the Stromanthe with another popular look-alike, the Calathea. Certain species are very similar, but the biggest difference is that the Stromanthe has less oval-shaped leaves and can produce more pink foliage. But don’t worry, even the biggest plant geeks confuse the two! ;)

Stromanthe Plant Care Tips

Light and placement for Stromathe

This colourful plant loves to be spoiled with lots of bright indirect light. Lower light can result in colours fading, which is something we don’t want to happen. She is best placed near an East- or North-facing window. You can keep the temperature between 18 and 26 degrees. She also would like a humid environment of at least 60%. This will make her very cosy and als helps prevent her leaves from getting brown and crispy.

Your Stromanthe needs an airy soil mix that holds water well. You can use potting soil, peat moss and perlite to make her a good potting mix.

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The Stromanthe prefer their soil to be slightly moist at all times. You can achieve this by giving regular small splashes of water. Always check the moistness of your soil by sticking your finger inside it. Whenever the soil is beginning to feel dry, is the time you can give your green friend a nice sip of water. Make sure to drain any excess water. This works best inside a terracotta pot or nursery pot inside an ornamental outer pot.


You can provide your Stromanthe with nutrition during the growing season. Add half a portion of PLNTS nutrition to your water to give your Stromanthe all the energy to grow new leaves for you!

Propagating Stromanthe

The only way to propagate your Stromanthe is by division. You can do this by taking the plant out of the pot and feeling if there are any rhizomes you can pull apart from each other. Each new plant should have at least 3 leaves. Gently untangle and roots that can be untangled and shared roots can be cut with clean shears. You can directly plant the new plant in soil. The highest change to succeed with propagating is during the growing season. Whenever you see new growth in your propagations is when you know the propagation was successful.

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Most common pests on Stromathe

When caring for a Stromanthe, you should keep your eyes open for aphids and spider mites. That does not mean that she can’t get infested with other pests. We advise you to plan monthly plant inspections, you can also use this time to wipe off any dust from leaves. Win-win situation!

Are Stromanthe poisonous for your pets or children?

Stromanthe are completely safe to ingest, but we don’t think she will be a very tasty snack. At least you can adopt one with peace on your mind!

Stromanthe plant for sale

Are you up for adopting a colourful Stromanthe?At you can buy Stromanthe online, like the Stromanthe Sanguinea. Whether you like your Stromanthe big from the start or prefer to grow them from tiny BabyPLNTS into full-grown PLNTS - we’ve got you covered!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!