Oxalis care

Oxalis(Wood Sorrels)

The Oxalis family consists of 8 genera and 900 different species, in which 800 are Oxalis variants. The other species within the family are shrubs and small trees. They grow from tubers and their flowers grow on bifurcated petioles. A very cool characteristic from this family is that most species close up their leaves during the night or during bad weather. The family originates from South-Asia and South- America. They grow inside a tropical climate.

Oxalis Plant Care Tips

Since this plant grows from tubers, you are most likely to receive this when you decide to buy this plant. You can grow them quite easily yourself at home. Simply place the tubers one inch deep into the soil and cover them with a very thin layer of soil. Soon enough you will see some shootings appear. Isn't that cool?

Light and placement for Oxalis

Oxalis likes to grow inside bright indirect light. A spot near a South or North facing window would be absolutely perfect for her! When you see that your Oxalis closes her leaves at night, you know that she is receiving a good amount of light. If this is not occurring, you should provide her with more light.

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When your Oxalis has grown into an adult size plant, you can water her every 1-2 weeks. Before that you have to make sure that the soil stays moist at all times. You can achieve this by sticking your finger into the soil, when it feels wet or moist, you don’t have to water your growing tubers yet. If it feels dry it is time for a sip, but always be gentle with the amount of water that you are giving to these wood sorrels.


This plant is extremely low maintenance and is able to grow without a lot of interfering. You can provide the Oxalis with nutrients during the growing season, which is during spring and summer. You can give her half a dose of nutrients every 2 weeks, or once a month.

Propagating Oxalis

The Oxalis grows from tubers, so you can easily plant these into soil.

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Most common pests on Oxalis

The most common pest on Oxalis is Spider Mites. As soon as you see them, you should try to treat it with neem oil.

Are Oxalis poisonous for your pets or children?

Unfortunately your Oxalis or other Oxalidaceae plant is poisonous for both your kids and pets. That is why we advise you to keep them away from this plant.

Oxalis plant for sale

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Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida PLNTS.com!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida PLNTS.com!