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The Epiphyllum is a succulent with a special background. Most succulents originate from the desert, but this pretty plant species originates from the tropics. They live here as an epiphyte, which means that they grow on top of other plants, a pretty special ability! The Epiphyllum grows long foliage from their pot. Their foliage is mostly green and thick. The edges will mostly have a bit of a quirky shape, which gives the plant a very fun look. When you take very good care of your Epiphyllum, you might be rewarded with some gorgeous flowers. These appear in a variety of colours and make the plant even more beautiful!

Epiphyllum Plant Care Tips

Your Epiphyllum would like to grow in a moderate to high humid environment. You don’t have to mist the plant, but it will benefit to wipe the dust off of her big leaves very regularly.

Light and placement for Epiphyllum

The Epiphyllum is pretty easy going when it comes to her light requirements. She will grow best on a spot with moderate light, since this recreates the light conditions the best from where she originates from. But a little bit more or less light will do no harm. When she receives too much light, her foliage will discolour, that is your sign to place her in a little bit less light.

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This plant is a succulent, which results in her needing less water than non succulent plants. But due to her tropical origin, she will need water slightly more often than succulents that originate from the dessert. Make sure that her potting soil dries out before watering her. The easiest way to do this is by feeling the soil’s moistness with your finger. If you have a hard time doing this, you can always rely on our tools Tessa and Naomi to do this job for you. :)


Since succulents grow less rapidly than non succulents, this results in them needing less nutrition. You can add some nutrition to your watering routine during the growing season, but only half a portion. That should be more than plenty to keep your Epiphyllum happy and healthy.

Propagating Epiphyllum

You can make a whole family of Epiphyllum plants by propagating her through leafcutting. You have to pick a healthy leaf that doesn’t look wrinkly. Place the cutting in weather or in a well draining soil mix and wait for roots to develop. If you have trouble with cutting that starts rotting, you can also place your cutting after taking it from the plant in a dry area. Wait for it to form a callus around the edge and then plant them as you prefer.

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Most common pests on Epiphyllum

Overall Epiphyllum plants are pretty healthy and sturdy. This is the reason why they don’t get pests very often, like other plants. But you can still keep an eye on mealybugs, aphids, fungus gnats and spider mites.

Are Epiphyllum poisonous for your pets or children?

The Epiphyllum is not poisonous for kids and pets to ingest. Nevertheless, we would not recommend encouraging any nibbling, since it can still cause irritation.

Epiphyllum plant for sale

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Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida PLNTS.com!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida PLNTS.com!