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Aphelandra (Zebraplant)

The Aphelandra is a striking plant with white stripes. This is also where she has earned her nickname from, Zebraplant. She can also grow bright yellow flowers, which is absolutely stunning in contrast to those striped leaves. She is part of the Acantaceae family who are native to Brazil. She adores the tropical climate and can become super big within this climate.

Aphelandra Plant Care Tips

This striped beauty will be happiest in a high humid environment of 60-70%. She can live in lower humidity, but that will result in her leaves getting crispy and brown, which would be a shame.

Light and placement for Aphelandra

The Aphelandra will thrive in bright indirect light, which means near a north or south facing window. She can also tolerate lower light conditions

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The Aphelandra likes a big sip of water. You can keep her soil slightly moist, but it has to drain well. What would be perfect for her is adding a large amount of perlite and some sphagnum moss to your soil.


During the growing season she needs quite a big portion of nutrients. You can provide her with PLNTS nutrients every other week, to make sure she has enough energy to grow big for you.

Propagating Aphelandra

You can propagate the Aphelandra by stem cuttings. Cut the stem under a node and you can grow it in water or in soil. Air layering might help with the guarantee of having a successful propagation.

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Most common pests on Aphelandra

The Aphelandra is sensitive to getting infected with pests. You might want to look out for aphids, mealybugs, mites, scales and thrips. You can find on our PLNTS doctor page how to recognize and treat these pests.

Are Aphelandra poisonous for your pets or children?

The Aphelandra is known to be non-toxic to animals and humans. But she can cause irritation when ingested by animals or humans, so our advice is still to be careful with this plant around pets and children.

Aphelandra plant for sale

Are you up for some striped leaves and pretty yellow flowers? Then Aphelandra can be a new addition to your urban jungle.

At PLNTS.com you can buy Aphelandra online, like the Aphelandra Squarrosa. Whether you like your Aphelandra big from the start or prefer to grow them from tiny BabyPLNTS into full-grown PLNTS - we’ve got you covered!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida PLNTS.com!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida PLNTS.com!