Caladium Varieties
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The Prettiest Caladium Varieties 2023

Caladiums are the perfect plants to brighten up every room. They are tropical plants and originate from Central and Southern America, particularly Brazil and the Amazon. Caladiums are beautiful plants that grow from bulbs. Once they ‘pop’ out, they are sure to impress you with their beautiful and colourful leaves. With over a hundred varieties, coloured veins, diverse edges and textures, the Caladium is a real eye-catcher that will fit in every interior. In some countries you can spot Caladiums in gardens, but you can also grow your Caladium indoors. Do you want to know how? Read our blog for a step by step guide on how to pot and grow Caladium Tubers.

Ready to explore some of the most prettiest Caladium varieties? We’ve listed them for you.


The Caladium Bicolor has pretty pink veins on her green base. To top of that look even more, are her adorable white dots. This Caladium will brighten up any space at any time!

Caladium bicolor.jpg

Photo by @Righetto_li & @Larcasa01

Spring Fling

Add this beauty to your plant collection and we are sure you won’t be disappointed. This variety has strawberry-coloured leaves and flaunts her ‘cuteness’ around. She almost looks like cotton candy or a pink summer sky. The outstanding Caladium Spring Fling really lives up to her name!

@of.sunset & @tamplant

Photo by @of.sunset & @tamplant


The beautiful Caladium Candidum also gets the name ‘Angel Wings’, and we get why! This tuberous plant with white, heart-shaped leaves and striking dark green veins is a real gem. Perfect to add just a little bit of colour to your space!

Carolyn Whorton

The Caladium Carolyn Whorton looks a bit like a drama queen, but nothing is less true. Her pink leaves, red veins and dark green margins make her a real showstopper. This fancy-leafed Caladium is more sun tolerant than most other Caladiums, which makes her an excellent plant for brighter spots in your room!

Pink Beauty

The mottled leaves of the Caladium Pink Beauty are splashed in bright pink and vibrant green, with dark pink veins that accent the heart-shaped leaves. This spectacular plant is perfect for bringing a tropical feel to your home. Isn’t she lovely?

Red Flash

The Caladium variety Red Flash has beautiful red and green leaves. The red appears only in the middle of the plant, which makes it look like blood-pumping veins. Next to the stunning veins she is decorated with light pink dots. Yes yes she’s a real show off!

Frog in a Blender

The Caladium Frog in a Blender doesn't only stand out with her funny name! She will enrich your urban jungle with different coloured green splotches.

Caladium bicolor variaties.jpgPhoto by @Luack_botanical & @Vert_de_green_

White Christmas

The Caladium White Christmas is a classic beauty. Her white leaves resemble a snow cover in which you can see the contours of a landscape. The White Christmas will even make your spring and summer festive!

White Queen

This beauty is truly an appearance and lives up to her name! Her large white leaves have green edges, and she wears her bright pink/red veins like a crown. The Caladium White Queen is a showpiece in any room, as you can see!

@planteoasen & @mon.univers.vegetal

Photo by @planteoasen & @mon.univers.vegetal

Shop our pretty Caladiums!

We know, it's hard to pick your favourite.. All Caladiums are unique with their colourful leaves and bright patterns. Growing season is the perfect time to shop and pot Caladium Tubers. Happy growing!

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