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Summer Proof Homes

Summer is the perfect time to give your home a refreshing make-over! From bold colors to splashy prints, a few easy decor updates can make your home feel brand new. With the backyard in full glory and bursting with color, we think bringing (more) plants indoors is the perfect way to get a summer-vibe! In this guide we will share some inspirational homes that will most definitely bring joy and happiness.

Rays of Summer

Summer is truly one of the most beautiful times of year, so why not take inspiration from nature and add beautiful flowers and plants into your home? Not only will they look and smell beautiful on display, they’ll also make you feel good too. Check out this colour explosion! How cool is a big Strelitzia Reginae or Strelitzia Nicolai?! We are huge fans..


Photo by @Bohohome.plantry

Sunshine Shades

Decorating with bright or pastel colours is guaranteed to bring summer magic into your home. An instant mood enhancer that looks beautiful combined with some greenery.

@welcometothejunglehome 2.jpg

Photo by @Welcometothejunglehome

Let’s Hang Out!

Just chilling and hanging around is one of our favourite things to do in Summer and so do your plants! Get creative and make your own colourful DIY (macramé) plant hangers, place your favourite plants in the pots and hang them in your windows or on your ceiling. Looks super festive, if you ask us! Looking for some great hanging plants? Check out our favourite Ceropegia Woodii and Senecio Rowleyanus!


Photo by @Welcometothejunglehome

Little tip from us: watch out for bright sun rays during summer, your plants can actually get sunburned!

Hygge for Summertime

Hygge is all about effortlessly cozy Scandinavian design. Sleek lines, clutter-free rooms and soft tones make this look a great choice for every room. Add some pretty (big) statement plants and your Scandinavian home is ready for summer! Little tip... The Ficus Lyrata is perfect to add to your (Scandi) interior!


Photo by @Wonderlune.home

Terracotta Styles

There’s nothing that screams ‘summer’ more than terracotta! This perfect home gives us real Mediterranean vibes and reminds us of long, summer evenings and cosy dinners with friends. Add some terracotta pots with a nice Sansevieria Laurentie or other plant in your interior and the summer feeling will follow!


Photo by @Danisdomain

Colour Popping!

Do you see that little four-legged friend? He has found the perfect spot in the sun, surrounded by plants! Even the smallest apartments can be turned into a summer proof home. All you have to do is add some colour and a variety of plants and you (and your home) are ready for summer! What about combinging a velvet Philodendron Melanochrysum with a big Philodendron Gloriosum?


Photo by @Munichjungle

Bright Sunset Vibes

Natural tones and organic materials are on trend this year! Combine it with some fresh flowers and tropical plants to enhance the beauty of your clean and calm interior space.


Photo by @Idawohnt

Scandinavian Summer

This looks like the perfect Scandinavian summer escape! Popular features in Scandi summer homes like dark or even black colours and natural materials combine super well with some fresh greenery! We are dreaming away at this summer-perfect home.


Photo by @Silviazocchi_

Balcony Stories

Make the most of the warm weather by styling your balcony with some summer decor! Besides the cutest cushions, plaids and lights, plants will definitely help to make your balcony even more cosy! Did you know that some indoor plants can also be put outside..?


Photos by @Alieselotte

Let’s Take The Party Outside!

Our favourite way to blur the line between in- and outdoor spaces: inviting the indoors out! Some indoor plants can also be put outside, so you can easily place your green friends on your patio, balcony or garden. How cool does this outdoor jungle look?!


Photos by @Jorgeragon


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Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!