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PLNTSweek October 28th - November 3rd 2021

We had a blast!

From October 28th until November 3rd 2021 we've celebrated an amazing PLNTSweek together with our PLNTScommunity! We organise PLNTSweek as a big thank you to our loyal community for sharing, connecting, inspiring and learning about their love for PLNTS. Every day, we had a different promotion that was definitely attractive to all PLNTSlovers!

Our first livestream event

On Thursday, the 28th of October, we've kicked off PLNTSweek with a very first livestream event on Instagram @PLNTS_com! We had an amazing time together with our 2 great plantfluencers Thijmen (@plantingplants) and Sas (@urbanjungle.girl) and we really hope you enjoyed it too! In case you've missed it, you can watch it below:


While being in the perfect green environment, Melanie loves to inspire you with new PLNTS, care products and accessories. Not only by writing, but also as a host of our PLNTSlive's on Instagram!

06 agosto 2023
Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!