Orange Terracotta Pot

Bébé Pot en terre cuite Orange

Ø 5 cm


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  • Les plantes d'intérieurles plus exclusives
  • Matériaux d'emballage 100% recyclables
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plantes parfaites dans cette taille de pot :

Alocasia Frydek Variegata
Monstera Adansonii
Florida Ghost
    À propos de ce pot

    Terracotta is a real classic but can be fragile. The image pictured is indicative, but please note that the pot you receive can contain small imperfections. Let’s say they are 'perfectly imperfect' and unique in their very own way!

    You can’t go wrong with terracotta! Terracotta pots have a neutral, earthly colour, are inexpensive, easy customizable, available in many different sizes and you can use them both indoors and outdoors. Terracotta pots have a big drainage hole at the bottom of the pot that allows excess water to drain away. This will prevent your plant from getting wet feet. Terracotta pots are made of unglazed, baked clay. This porous material sucks up water, which means that some of the moisture evaporates through the sides of the pot. This minimalizes the chance of overwatering your plants and improves soil aeration, reducing the risk of root rot. However, because the pot sucks up water, the soil dries out more quickly. Therefore, you should water plants that live in a terracotta pot a little more often than your other plants. Make sure to soak your new terracotta pot prior to repotting. Soaking your terracotta pot overnight in a sink or bucket will prevent the pot from ‘stealing’ too much water from your plants.

    • Diamètre5cm
    • Hauteur5cm

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