Hastatum Silver Sword


Hastatum Silver Sword Philodendron
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Alexis Basket
    about this plant

    Le bébé Philodendron Hastatum Silver est également connu sous le nom de «Silver Sword» traduit par Epée d’argent, et si vous la regardez bien vous comprendrez immédiatement pourquoi. Ses feuilles gracieuses prennent la forme d'une épée au fur et à mesure qu'elles grandissent. Cette dame féroce est originaire des forêts tropicales d'Amérique et des Caraïbes et est une plante d'intérieur très populaire. Envie d'une ambiance de jungle tropicale à la maison? Alors le Philodendron Hastatum Silver est fait pour vous!

    • diameter2cm
    • height±15cm
    • lovessunny spots
    • care leveleasy
    • benefitsair cleaner
    Le Philodendron Hastatum Silver pousse rapidement et est facile à entretenir, car c'est une plante solide et qui se tient naturellement à l'ombre des grands arbres. Il n'aime pas la lumière directe du soleil et n'a besoin d'eau qu'une fois par semaine environ - faites attention de ne pas trop l'arroser car elle ne le supporte pas très bien.
    Nete Andersen - 20 mai 2022
    very small but came in great condition and started growing almost instantly after potting.
    Lena - 11 avril 2022
    Grows very fast, love it!
    Leah - 01 avril 2022
    Arrived exactly as expected. Shipping took 5 days to Portugal. No leaf damage but soil was pretty soggy and cold. Heat pack was thrown on top of the packaging so doubt it really helped much.
    Halina Belzek - 18 novembre 2021
    Amazing, highly recomended
    Sentient Fragments - 14 novembre 2021
    The plant arrived well, healthy, and a new leaf is just unfurling ❤
    Francesca Oliverio - 18 avril 2021
    Everyone need one of these. It came in a little bigger than I expected, the leaves are simply stunning and it’s growing so fast
    Adele Biddulph - 05 avril 2021
    Arrived bigger than expected with amazing roots and aerial roots. Slight damage to some leaves from shipping, but nothing unexpected.
    jennycarlsso - 21 mars 2021
    So beautiful and is already pushing out a new leaf!
    Malin Grünberg - 20 janvier 2021
    Very healthy plant that arrived in perfect condition, the leaves look almost fake because they are so perfect. Ordered another promptly because it is just so pretty.
    Kayla Lahti - 17 janvier 2021
    Beautiful little plant. Made it all the way to Estonia in perfect condition despite the below-freezing temps. Can't wait to watch it grow!
    Sara Wennerström - 20 décembre 2020
    Super nice plant. Traveled well and look like picture.
    keyday1 - 17 décembre 2020
    The leaves of this philodendron are just... Mesmerizing!! Glittery grey-green... can't wait for it to grow! It came very healthy and with a new leaf ready to unfurl!
    Sarah Leu - 03 décembre 2020
    Sehr schöne Pflanze. Ist sogar größer als gedacht. Die Pflanze besteht sogar aus 2 Trieben. Den Transport hat sie auch bei den niedrigen Temperaturen gut überstanden.
    Amanda Abarte - 02 décembre 2020
    Ordered a couple of months ago, it's doing so well (just like the rest of my plnts), It looks so beautiful and silvery, growing like a champ!
    River Darling - 16 novembre 2020
    In person this plant is just SO beautiful. Washed the roots and out it in a monstera/philodendron mix and it's already rocketing. Will need a support cane soon!
    Rieksma - 14 novembre 2020
    Absolutely stunning. Very healthy plant and survived being shipped to the UK perfectly
    Sarah Shaw - 14 novembre 2020
    I absolutely love this plant! It is a beautiful colour and I just love the shape of the leaves. It came in great condition, it doesnt even look like its been in the post for a few days, no damage whatsoever! The soil was displaced so the plant got a bit dirty but a quick wash easily fixed that. My new plant is now happily in his new pot and looking amazing! I think for the size and condition (bigger than in the photo) this is a great price.
    Stacey Henry - 13 novembre 2020
    I received mine as a free plant with my order a few months back. Was bigger than the one in the photo. Is growing really happily.
    Lina Maniusyte - 08 novembre 2020
    like picture, just in reality much more beautiful
    Karen Acke - 31 octobre 2020
    Prachtige philodendron... Mooi verpakt... Ik ga zeker nog bestellen bij plnts

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