Alocasia Melo

Alocasia Melo

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Terracotta Pot Orange
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Nea Hanging Pot Grey
    À propos de cette plante

    Caution, vulnerable to leaf damage

    Another beautiful Alocasia! The Alocasia Melo is a real beauty because of her greyish thick leaves and her prominent, textured veins. These veins create a kind of relief on the leaves, which make her absolutely gorgeous. New leaves will have a lighter green colour and mature leaves will darker throughout their growth. This eye-catcher is also known as the Alocasia Rugosa and is a rare Alocasia that originally grows on Borneo (Asia).

    • Diamètre15cm
    • Hauteur±25cm
    • AimerPartiellement ombragé
    • AvantagesPurificateur d'air

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