Ramulosa Red Coral

Rhipsalis   (Korallenkaktus)  Ramulosa Red Coral



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Ramulosa Red Coral ()
Insgesamt: €28.95
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  • Durchmesser17cm
  • Höhe±60cm
  • LiebtHalbschattig
  • VorteileLuftreiniger

The Rhipsalis Ramulosa Red Coral has very special foliage. Her leaves are long and a bit thick. The edges are slightly frayed and the colour is mostly green. But when she receives enough light, she will get a red tint on her leaves, which makes her very extraordinary! This stunning foliage hangs from her pot, which makes her a perfect candidate for that empty place inside your cabinet! Is this pretty plant a match for you? Buy Rhipsalis Ramulosa Red Coral online. 

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