Baby  Philodendron El Choco Red




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Über diese Pflanze

This baby is super rare and wanted by many PLNTSlovers! This is the Philodendron El Choco Red. She has big heart shaped leaves, the top side is coloured green and is embellished with striking light green veins. The bottom side is red, which gives her a nice pop of colour. And if you like the red, you will be happy to hear that the new leaves will be red too, how cool is that?! Even her scientific name refers to that, ‘Philodendron Rubrijuvenile’. It means ‘red when juvenile’. Is this plant with a pop of red the one you like? Buy Philodendron El Choco Red online.

  • Durchmesser5cm
  • Höhe±5cm
  • LiebtHalbschattig
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