Frozen Freckles

Baby  Monstera  (Fensterblatt)  Frozen Freckles



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Baby Frozen Freckles ()
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  • Durchmesser5cm
  • Höhe±5cm
  • LiebtHalbschattig

Our own breeded Monstera, we couldn’t be prouder! The Monstera Frozen Freckles is a gorgeous specimen with a light green base that is embellished with a dotted white pattern. By providing this baby with some tender love and care, you will grow her to a magnificent form that will steal the show in your urban jungle! 

Her name fits her perfectly and can be thanked to our community for coming up with it, how creative! 

Please note: holds the breeders' rights to this plant. This means that it is not allowed to trade the plant or cuttings from the plant yourself.

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