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about this plant

Philodendron Verrucosum is a beautiful plant and has beautiful dark green veined leaves with beautiful hairy petioles. The Philodendron Verrucosum is a rare Philondedron.

  • diameter15cm
  • height±30cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • care leveleasy
  • benefitsair cleaner
The Philodendron Verrucosum needs little water, but it is important that the soil remains continuously moist and does not dry out. Do not give too much water because then root rot can occur. The plant has few requirements for its location, but not in full sun.
Tiziana Vella - April 07, 2022
This I think is my favourite purchase from It arrived in great conditions and has been popping new leaves ever since. Thank you xx
Joyce de Paula - April 27, 2021
Amazing. It is my favorite website. the package is perfect, the plants are amazing. My Verrucosumis gorgeous
Sarah Jimenez - March 28, 2021
Gorgeous plants! Plenty of leaves & 1 furling. Well packed. I highly recommend this shop!
soffelchen - March 28, 2021
A very beautiful plant. Was shipped very fast, but had some damage on it´s leafs. PLNTS then offered a refund for the damage. A very fair solution.
Claudia0408 - March 05, 2021
Ich habe einen wunderschönen Verucosum bekommen. Er kam viel größer als erwartet und schenkt mir durchgehend neue Blätter. Zuletzt sogar 3 (!!) aus einmal. Außerdem sieht es im Topf aus, alsob es nicht nur ein Verrucosum ist sondern evtl. zwei, das wird sich aber zeigen, sobald er irgendwann mal umgetopft wird.
soninka - January 27, 2021
I'm super happy with this plant! It surprisingly not only survived almost a month (!) in a box during December, it arrived in a very good condition (just tiny mechanical damage here and there) and even unfurled a huge new leaf a few days after taking out of the box, although there is still too little sunlight. Few weeks after it's still thriving and there are 2 or 3 new smaller leaves on their way. The size of the plant is pretty much as it is shown on the image and honestly it's bigger than I thought it would be. So great value for the money. Also the support team is super nice. I won't hesitate to order again!
Stefania - January 01, 2021
A fully deserved 5 stars! This was my first time purchasing plants online outside my country (Portugal) and was a bit nervous about it, especially worry about Verrucosum since is such a sensible plant. But what a great experience with PLNTS! The package arrived super fast, 2 days after despatched (what a perfect ghift for New Year's Eve, right?) and all the plants were in perfect condition. Philodendron Verrucosum is gorgeous, bigger than I expected, with no leaves loss and no damages. Good job PLNTS team and a very happy New Year ! You definitely won a loyal customer.
Annika Veenstra - December 29, 2020
Een hele mooie plant die goed verpakt is en snel geleverd.
Catherine - December 27, 2020
A beautiful plant on photo but gorgeous in reality ; bigger than expected and healthy ; highly recommanded!
Agnieszka Kostusiak - December 21, 2020
I have received it today after 5 days in the post and I couldn’t be any happier. The plant itself isn’t very tall like one of the reviewers mentioned however it’s got 7 large beautiful healthy stems and a tiny one on the way! Healthy , well packaged and arrived with slight damage to only one leaf. Really happy with it.
Rebecca Osei-boateng - November 18, 2020
Une merveille au feuillage de velour, la belle plante se remet vite de son transport, et la onzième feuille va bientôt s'ouvrir ! Mes végétaux semblent à peine avoir voyagé grace à leur emballage méticuleux, et le tote bag offert ne gâche rien. Je ne regrette pas mon choix et commanderais encore.
Silvia Ramos - November 10, 2020
Olaf Otten - November 08, 2020
Ik heb speciaal voor de maat L gekozen, maar de plant viel iets kleiner uit dan verwacht. Daarnaast waren zeker 6 van de 8 bladeren beschadigd. Niet ernstig, maar wel jammer van zo’n dure aankoop. Plant was wel netjes verpakt, heb er een extra heat pack bij besteld vanwege de kou. Ik kreeg wel gratis een tote bag erbij. Ik zal in de toekomst zeker weer bestellen, maar had van deze verrucosum net wat meer verwacht.
Daisy - November 06, 2020
I recently ordered this philodendron verrocosum and I am beyond pleased with how it arrived as they are notorious for being a bit a diva! There was not a single mark on any of the leaves and it had multiple new leaves about to come out which were all in perfect condition! I ordered this along with two baby plants and also received a free bag! The packaging was fantastic and it also arrived very fast :)
Eva - August 25, 2020
Amazing plant
Stefan - August 21, 2020
Simply perfect! I've had my Verrucosum for around two months and it is constantly pushing out mew new growth. Packaged excellently and 100% recyclable too! If i could give more stars, i would.
Joey - August 08, 2020
Despite my plant arriving in less-than-stellar condition, I honestly can't give this plant and seller anything less than 5*, and here's why. I ordered an Alocasia Dragon Scale and a Large Verrucosum. They arrived in good time, about a week. However, when I received the box, it looked as though someone had thrown it off a cliff. The Alocasia was okay, with only one crushed leaf, however the Verrucosum was quite beat up, with all of the leaves being somewhat crushed but thankfully the stems intact. The thing is, the plants would have been completely obliterated if it weren't for the seller's excellent packaging. Both plants came in a recycled eco plastic tube-thing within the box, which took most of the beating. If it weren't for the plastic tube and other cushioning, the plants would have been DOA without a doubt. So the seller's meticulous packaging thankfully saved these plants from the terrible handling of either the Dutch or UK postal service, which is of course not the seller's fault. I contacted her to advise that the plants arrived in this condition, not looking for compensation but to simply advise that the postal services were treating these packages roughly and that perhaps the boxes could do with more warning of fragile contents etc. However, the seller still offered to take half off the price of the Verrucosum along with a future discount code as an apology despite it not being her fault. Honestly an A* seller and I will be buying from her again due to the excellent customer service (not to mention that the plants, minus the mechanical damage, were extremely healthy otherwise - the Verrucosum was about 10cm taller than advertised).
Rvdpoel - August 05, 2020
Wat een prachtige plant is dit. Hij was veel voller dan ik had verwacht en dan stond afgebeeld. Ben er enorm blij mee.
SARAH MARFEUILLE - August 05, 2020
Qu'elle est sublime !! Je l'ai reçu avec 3 feuilles dont une fabrication, depuis elle m'a refait aussi deux feuilles et la dernière se déroule juste ! Magnifique
Ecaterina Platinda - August 01, 2020
Absolutely gorgeous plant! Big size and great condition! Thank you so much im very happy!

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