Calathea Makoyana

Peacock plant


Calathea Makoyana
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    about this plant
    The Calathea Makoyana (Peacock Plant) is a plant with impressively drawn large leaves. The spots run along the striking main vein. The Calathea grows in the tropical rainforest where the plant stands in a warm and humid place, protected from direct sunlight. The plant has a special feature; in the evening the leaves are folded together and in the morning they are unfolded again.
    • diameter6cm
    • height±10cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner
    • pet friendlynon-toxic
    The plant should not have full sun but a lot of filtered light. Do not water the plant too much and allow the soil to drain well each time after watering. No water should remain in the pot, but the soil should not dry out either.
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    Valeriano Marcelli - May 20, 2022
    Complimenti pianta come nella foto e sanissima
    Veerle Vanleeuw - April 25, 2021
    I love this Calathea Makoyana. It is growing so fast.
    Lexie Bloem - February 02, 2021
    Way bigger than in the picture and already gave me a whole new leaf
    Leen Sels - January 23, 2021
    A real Beauty, bigger than in the picture. I love it!
    Andrea - September 29, 2020
    I got a beautiful calathea Makoyana in the mail this afternoon and it’s even better than some pictures on this internet. It’s healthy with a lot of new growth. Fun fact: the leafs are see-through in some parts.

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