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Alocasia Black Zebrina
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about this plant
The Alocasia Black Zebrina originates from the tropical areas in Asia and Eastern-Australia and like many other plant species is part of the Araceae family. It is a new species of Alocasia which has completely black stems instead of the characteristic zebra-marks that other Zebrina’s have, making it a real eyecatcher! The shape of the leaves is the same as the Alocasia Zebrina.
  • diameter17cm
  • height±55cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • benefitsair cleaner
The Alocasia Black Zebrina enjoys a spot with plenty indirect sunlight. It doesn’t like direct sunlight however as this will burn its leaves! The plant also doesn’t like a spot in the shade, as this slows down its growth. In other words, a spot in a partly shaded area or with indirect sunlight is best! The Black Zebrina prefers a soil that is moist at all times. However, make sure not to overwater nor to keep the soil too moist as this will cause root rot. Giving the plant a little bit of water every now and then is preferred over giving it lots of water at all once.
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Lazzaro Spallanzani - September 23, 2022
wonderful plant, super packaging, quick delivery to italy. i’m going to purchase again from PLNTS ☺️
sunflower - August 03, 2022
It arrived looking very full and healthy, with a new leaf already sprouting. Only one of the smallest leaves was broken, but I'll chalk it up to the postal service since the plant itself was packaged very securely. Could not be happier with this one (:

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