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Rare plants are the hidden gems of our shop. In our online shop you can explore the most eccentric types of plants from all over the world. Buy your favorite rare houseplants or other plants at our online shop. They are in limited supply so keep an eye on them, because we might not get our hands on them again soon. The rare plants we sell in our shop ensure that you’re able to create a truly unique Urban Jungle in your home. The rare houseplants you buy online are very easy to take care of, as our plant experts tell you how to care for your plants. We make gardening easy, just for you! You will enjoy gardening like never before with our rare plants.

The different types of rare plants you can buy in our online shop

PLNTS offers a wide range of cheap and trendy plants. The collection of rare plants you can buy in our online shop features several unique houseplants. The plants you buy online are rare, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are harder to care for. Everyone can take care of these, especially with the help of the PLNTS doctor. Are you having trouble keeping the leaves from hanging or even falling of your rare plant? Our doctor provides you with advise to keep all your plants happy and make them flourish. Our advise can even help you keep your tropical plants healthy. These originated from the tropical rainforests in West Africa and South America, but can also thrive in your living room. Depending on the proper care and attention of course.

Place your order and enjoy our plants

PLNTS delivers the rare houseplants you can buy in our online shop all across Europe. These will arrive at your home completely safe as we ship them in a secure package. This package is made from 100% recycled material. An example of the plants you can order are our hanging plants. These plants definitely deserve a nice place in your home. Choose your favorite plants and place an order online. Do you have any questions? Ask them via our contact form or send an email to emma@PLNTS.com. We would be delighted to help you with your plants, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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