Philodendron Melanochrysum


Melanochrysum Philodendron

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    over deze plant

    Philodendron Melanochrysum is een zeer zeldzame dame onder de Philodendrons. Ze wordt ook wel beschreven als het Zwarte Goud, vanwege de prachtige gouden accenten op haar blad. Haar bladeren worden naar mate ze onder wordt steeds groter zodat je er nog meer van kunt genieten! Ze is een klimmer dus ondersteun haar met een klimhulpje zodat ze lekker haar gang kan gaan. Deze Rare PLNT is een ware blikvanger die je het liefst op een podium zet zodat je er altijd naar kan blijven kijken.

    Hoewel het heel verleidelijk kan zijn je plantenverzameling met deze beauty te beginnen, raden we je aan met een andere plant te beginnen als je een beginnende plantenouder bent. Let ook op dat elke plant uniek is en dat niet alle planten dezelfde bladlengte zullen hebben als de productfoto's laten zien.

    • diameter13cm
    • hoogte±35cm
    • houdt vanhalfschaduw
    • voordelenfiltert lucht
    De Philodendron Melanochrysum heeft weinig eisen. Ze heeft niet veel water nodig, maar het is wel belangrijk dat je de grond continu vochtig houdt en niet uitdroogt. Geef haar daarom regelmatig kleine scheutjes water. Ze kan overal in huis staan, behalve op een plek in de volle zon. Haar prachtige unieke bladeren zijn fragiel dus zullen snel in de zon verbranden. Geef in de lente en zomer, het groeiseizoen, regelmatig wat extra organic PLNTSvoeding zodat ze lekker kan groeien.
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    Lucky MUKAZANA - 25 oktober 2022
    Well arrived OMG the leafs and the plant its self… Am glad i purchased this beautiful plant.
    Vlien - 29 augustus 2022
    Arriveerde goed ingepakt. Enkel wat bruine vlekjes op de bladeren maar dat was heel miniem. De grote bladeren waren niet gescheurd en er hing zelfs een nieuw vers blad aan. Echt een mooie plant!
    Nete Andersen - 24 augustus 2022
    healthy plant with big leafs. The leafs did have some scarring on all of them tho, but not too bad.
    Dario - 21 juli 2022
    The plant is awesome!!!
    Jordi - 13 juli 2022
    Goed verpakt en heel aangekomen. Kwaliteit plant perfect
    Manon - 11 juli 2022
    This plant is really so beautiful. The beautiful dark long leaves. She arrived in good health and I get lots of compliments. I definitely recommend purchasing this beautiful plant.
    ali - 28 juni 2022
    the leafs are torn and a bit damaged (they have holes and scratches), nevertheless the plant seems healthy, a new leaf is sprouting already!
    Martin Nystrup Rasmussen - 30 mei 2022
    Fast delivery but there is certainly room for improvement when it comes to the quality of the plant. Even though this Philodendron arrived in a plastic container, it was damaged. The support stick had pierced the largest leaf of three and the leaf edges of two leaves were somewhat torn.
    Adam Howard - 29 mei 2022
    beautiful plant, just like pictured. Practically 0 damage.
    Lara Mennes - 08 april 2022
    This is such a star! It’s been on my list for a while and I was happy to buy it on the rare plnts day. It arrived in mint condition with four leaves and a fifth one ready to pop out.
    Leah - 01 april 2022
    BEAUTIFUL plant that arrived to Portuguese after 5 days. Came with 3 massive roots that are all in good condition. The heat pack was thrown in on top of the packaging so I doubt it really did much but luckily we didn't have any snap weather changes and all in all it was ok.
    Lina Opd - 19 maart 2022
    A little smaller as expected, still a beautiful plant. The soil was very very wet as it arrived
    soninka - 29 april 2021
    I totally love this plant! Came in with 4 huge leaves (cca 18 cm or so), looks healthy in general and did't get any major shipping stress. However it seems to be packed quite carelessly because all the leaves were kinda crunched inside the plastic box it came in and all of them suffered some mechanical damage. The new leaf coming in seems to be a little dried out and crunchy on the outside so I'm curious how it looks when unfurled. It still looks like it loves life so it's gonna be fine and I love it ♥️
    Lorenzo Floro - 28 april 2021
    arrived with much larger leaves than in the photo and 100% healthy. i love this plant
    Joyce de Paula - 27 april 2021
    I love my melano
    Nina Lauridsen - 18 april 2021
    Unfortunately the plant arrived with very wet soil, so I had to repot it right away, a small part of the roots had also begun to rot, so I had to trim the roots, but overall the plant still looked good. I contacted customerservice to get some advice on how to make sure that the plant survives, and they wrote back the next day, with some good advice, and they even offered me a full refund. 4 stars, because the plant was overall really beautiful, it came with 5 leaves and a new one on the way and the customerservice was great.
    Ronald Otten - 29 maart 2021
    The plant was in great shape and bigger than expected
    Sarah Jimenez - 28 maart 2021
    It has 3 leaves, 2 were in perfect condition and 1 has tiny tear caught in the packaging but overall gorgeous!
    Alexandra-Catalina Uiuiu - 11 maart 2021
    Plant is gorgeous, arrived in good conditions, has 3 leaves and another one is on its way! :)
    Sophie Grant - 06 maart 2021
    My only critique is that PLNTS has made it too easy for me to indulge in my new plant obsession! This stunning plant came looking stunning with three big-medium sized leaves and another on the way! The packaging is so impressive, any transit damage was minimal and the plant has acclimated well to the fussy weather in Ireland. So happy with this purchase! :)

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