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Baby plants

Baby Plants offers a wide range of cheap, trendy and fun house plants. Growing your own plants has never been easier and more enjoyable. With our new baby house plants, you will enjoy gardening as never before! Please feel free to explore the wide range in our web shop and easily place your order online. Which plant is your favorite?

Several baby house plants for creating an Urban Jungle

You have probably heard of an Urban Jungle. This trend cannot be missed on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Some of the most popular plants for creating an Urban Jungle are:

Enjoy gardening as never before with baby house plants

Baby house plants are cheaper than a full-grown plant and they are a fun challenge to grow. We deliver your plants in a safe and environmentally-friendly package made of 100% recycled material. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are filled with images of interiors containing baby house plants. This colossal trend can’t be missed in your home. Our baby house plants are trendy, fun and cheap, which makes them an excellent addition to your living room. Please feel free to look through our assortment online and easily place your order.

Which plants are you going to order?

Interested in one of our plants? Please feel free to look through our web shop to discover the wide assortment. Easily pay for your order via various payment methods. Curious about the plants we will have in stock soon? Stay updated by following our Instagram page! You can also reach out to us via the online contact form or by sending an email to emma@PLNTS.com. We are happy to give you more information about plant care. Growing your own plants has never been easier and more enjoyable.

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