Valentine's Day

Celebrate the love for your plants!

Valentine's Day, the day that's all about loving your plants. Plants always make us happy, whether we have something to celebrate or just on a sad day.

“ Buying and caring for plants is the best therapy! "

To celebrate, we recorded a special PLNTSdoctor video where we explain our favourite plant care products and show you how to use them. Join our stories on Instagram, tell your own 'love story' about your plants and let's inspire each other with our love for plants! We have also written some blogs where you can get super inspired on what colour does in your interior. After reading the blog, you will know exactly which pink plant is a perfect match for your home.

“ Because a touch of pink never hurts! “

Get a baby Philodendron Pink Princess as a gift! 💞

Today only, as a reward for taking good care of your green friends, get a baby Philodendron Pink Princess as a gift!* This beautiful Pink Princess can't wait to have her own throne in your home. You won't earn her just like that though, you have to follow some steps to get her as a gift with your order. Read the steps below:

  1. Fill your basket, make sure you shop for at least €25,- (excluding the price of the baby Philodendron Pink Princess from step 2).
  2. Add the baby Philodendron Pink Princess to your basket.
  3. Enter code "valentine2023" at the cart page
  4. Check very carefully that you have the Princess for free before completing the order and voila. You've placed an order with a royal gift, yes!

In the end, we all grow from a little extra love and care

- Only valid on february 14th 2023 -

Let's go!

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