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Can you tell us a bit about yourself. Where your from, how old (not necessary), description of how you live, job, hobbies etc. Or anything else you feel comfortable sharing.

I am a twenty-something new plant parent based in Ireland. My husband and I are originally from South Africa but for the past few years have been calling Ireland home. We love cooking, travelling, going on roadtrips and exploring everything Ireland has to offer.

When did you start with having and taking care of PLNTS and why?

My journey into plant parenthood started in November 2019 when I made an early New Year’s resolution to focus on growth. It started with one plant and before I knew it our two bedroom apartment turned into a mini jungle. Houseplants are a new love of mine. It all started after I revived a succulent that was in pretty bad shape. In an attempt to add more life to our apartment and also to purify the air we breathe I started looking into acquiring houseplants. I have since welcomed more than 40 plants into our home and can’t imagine living without my soon to be indoor jungle.

“Before I knew it our two bedroom apartment turned into a mini jungle.”

In these strange times have you tried any new plant activities or learned any fun new plant tricks?

I only recently started propagating some cuttings that were gifted to me by a fellow plant parent. It is extremely satisfying seeing your cuttings root.

You never forget your first love, and most plant parents never forget the first plant they adopt into their family. What was yours? Can you remember your first PLNT, is it still alive?

Over the years the only plants I’ve had were different types of Echeverias. However one plant that definitely stands out as my first leafy plant is a Peace Lily. I chose her because I heard that they were easy enough for a first time plant parent to care for, proved to be hard to kill and excellent for air purification. She is still alive and as beautiful as when I first bought her.

Do you name any of your PLNTS?

I’m not great with remembering names so I don’t name my plants, plus it makes it a lot worse when they die. Maybe one day but for now I don’t name my plants.

“I’m not great with remembering names so I don’t name my plants”

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself about plant parenthood when you adopted your first plant?

Don’t be so hard on yourself! You have a lot to learn and a few plants will die along the way, but you will learn something new every day. Also, you will never be able to go to another garden centre or nursery without walking out with a plant or four.

What is your favourite variety of plants and why have you chosen it?

I have a few favourites and they all tend to be lower maintenance plant varieties. I love Monsteras, Pothos and Syngoniums! They grow super fast and are very forgiving.

Are there any influencers in the plant world you go to for inspiration?

The plant community is absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t say I have any go to influencers but I have made some amazing friends on Instagram and have learned loads about plant care from them.

Do you have any plant resolutions for 2020?

I would love to experiment more with propagation, trying out different propagation methods and propagating different types of plants. I also want to document my plants’ growth better!

How did you manage to let your plnts survive in the heat of the Summer? Any tips?

Luckily the summers in Ireland are very temperate so my plants didn’t have to deal with too much heat. I did however notice watering a lot more than normal and some plants that don’t like drying out suffered a little bit. They did however love the increased amount of light and sun fun time.

You have to be vigilant and know your environment and your plants’ needs. During the Summer I checked on my plants every morning and evening to make sure they were doing okay. I normally mist my plants every other day but increased the frequency on hotter days. If you notice a plant struggling you have to act fast as some plants aren’t as forgiving as others.

“I have made some amazing friends on Instagram and have learned loads about plant care from them.”

You are something of a plant expert by this point. Do you have any tips for new/expecting plant parents?

Making my own soil mix is probably the most important thing I learned and a little bit too late I might add. There are loads of videos on YouTube and Instagram on how to mix your soil so the soil drains well. Poor drainage can lead to root rot and other problems and you don’t want that!

Personally I would also recommend starting with only one or two plants to see how you get along with them. You want to make sure you can provide the care your plants need. Even easy to care for plants need to be cared for.

You also have to evaluate the space where you are going to keep your plant because you have to know if it will survive in that environment. Whether it is in your apartment or your office, you have to know how much and what kind of light it is getting and what the humidity is like. I learned that you have to try to recreate your plant’s natural environment as closely as possible in order for them to be happy.

Above all and most importantly don’t stress too much because I swear plants can smell fear. If you make a mistake and a plant dies, know that it has happened to all of us once or twice or a few times. You will learn from it and it will make you a better plant parent. Houseplants will bring so much joy to your life and shouldn’t be stressful. If you have any worries ask another plant parent for help.

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