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Potting Soil
3 liter


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    Diese Blumenerde bietet deinen Pflanzen einen guten Nährboden. Der ideale Boden, damit deine Pflanzen gut wachsen können. Diese Erde ist auch für größere Pflanzen geeignet.

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    Jess - December 25, 2022
    Ad expected
    Camille Catcha-Picard - October 25, 2022
    good quality
    Keith Williams - May 25, 2022
    I adore this potting mix, it's got a GREAT balance and isn't too dense – even after months and months of top watering. I've bought this mix 3 different times because it's so superior to the mix from the local garden center. Especially great with all my aroids (I'm an alocasia hoarder and they all love this mix). Occasionally I'll mix in an add-in depending on the plant (usually peat for water retention or perlite for extra aeration) but honestly, I have plants in only this mix and I can't tell the difference! Protip: If you use perlite mix it in and fill your pot like normal but leave an extra 3cm too short; then fill the last 3cm with soil not mixed with perlite... BAM! No white dots in the soil. Top with some bark just for fun :)
    Gaia De Robertis - March 29, 2022
    Amazing quality, pricey but it's worth it. Love the fact that is comes in small size.

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