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    Would you like to make your house greener with a set of plants that are loved by many PLNTSlovers already? Then this is the set for you! Our musthave set contains 3 medium plants that will make your home ever growing. The first plant is the Pilea Peperomioides, or better known as the ‘Pancake Plant’. She has round thick green leaves on thin green stems. The next one is the Areca Lutescens, which is better known as ‘Butterfly Palm’. She has panicle leaves that give the ultimate jungle vibes. The last one is the Ficus Lyrata, she is a tree-like plant with big violin shaped leaves. Where her nickname, the ‘Violin Plant’ comes from.

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    All of these plants are easy to care for, so suitable for a PLNTSparent of every level. Make sure to water them when the top of the soil feels dry. They all would like a spot with some bright indirect light, but are not very picky. They all like to get some nutrition during the growing season to grow into their fullest versions! This is about it for these 3 green treasures. :) 

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