Leuconeura Fascinator

Maranta   (Gebetspflanze)  Leuconeura Fascinator



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Leuconeura Fascinator ()
Insgesamt: €13.45
  • Bereits mehr als 100.000 Pflanzen verschickt
  • 250.000+ PLNTS Community-Followern
  • Die exklusivsten Zimmerpflanzen
  • Durchmesser12cm
  • Höhe±25cm
  • LiebtHalbschattig

This colourful lady will provide you with a waterfall of bright coloured leaves! The Maranta Leuconeura Fascinator is a hanging plant that can brighten up any space. She looks fabulous hanging from a cabinet or shelf or from a self made macrame hanger. So if you were looking for a pop of colour for your urban jungle, you have found the one for you! Will you be adopting this colourful lady? Order Maranta Leuconeura Fascinator.   

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