Hoya Carnosa Tricolor



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Pflanzschale Transparent
Oval Pot Elho Black
Oval Pot Elho White
    Über diese Pflanze

    This gorgeous plant is embellished with green, cream and pink, an amazing colour combination! Her foliage is pretty thick and grows on long trailing vines. She can even produce a nice surprise for you when you take really good care of her. You will be rewarded with nothing less than her amazingly scented wax flowers. These are white a pink centre, pretty isn’t it? Are you sold on this plant that will tickle more than only your eyesight? Buy Hoya Carnosa Tricolor online.

    • Durchmesser19cm
    • Höhe±60cm
    • LiebtHalbschattig
    • VorteileLuftreiniger
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