Epipremnum  Cebu Blue



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    Über diese Pflanze

    This Epipremnum is one the rarer side and she has an amazing silvery to blue hue over her. This is the Epipremnum Cebu Blue and she is loved for her stunning leaves. They are long and narrow, the young version has tiny fenestrations, but the mature version has huge fenestrations. This beauty comes without many strings attached, since she is rather easy to care for and also grows rapidly. You will have endless trailing vines in no time! Is this the one for you? Buy Epipremnum Cebu Blue online.

    • Durchmesser12cm
    • Höhe±25cm
    • LiebtHalbschattig
    • PflegestufeEinfach
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    Hi, ich bin Emma, ​​dein PLNTS.com guide!