Dischidia   Nummularia



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Nummularia ()
Insgesamt: €16.45
  • Die exklusivsten Zimmerpflanzen
  • Bereits mehr als 100.000 Pflanzen verschickt
  • Nachher mit Klarna bezahlen
  • Durchmesser14cm
  • Höhe±25cm
  • LiebtHalbschattig

Small,round and cute leaves, do we need anything else? The Dischidia Nummularia gives a ton of these adorable leaves, on hanging vines, how cool?! She is a very easy going plant, which makes her the perfect addition for inexperienced PLNTSparents. She has earned a very fitting nickname to her look, namely ‘String of Nickels’. Can you also use a mellow plant? Buy Dischidia Nummularia online.

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