Dischidia  Imbricata



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Nea Hanging Pot Grey
Nea Hanging Pot Blue
Terracotta Pot Grey
Lisa Topf Staubiges Benzin
Anzuchttopf Transparent
    Über diese Pflanze

    This Dischidia species has rather big leaves for the plant family, they can be up to 5 centimetres in width. These leaves are round and slightly curved, in nature they shield wild ants from predators. She has long vines that we as PLNTSlovers trail down from her pot, cabinet or from a shelf. But in nature she is actually a climber, how versatile! How will you decorate your urban jungle with this pretty plant? Buy Dischidia Imbricata online.

    • Durchmesser14cm
    • Höhe±25cm
    • LiebtHalbschattig
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