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    Alocasia lovers, we have something for you! A set with 3 medium must have Alocasia! We will start with the Alocasia red secret, she is known for her dark red coloured leaves. This dark foliage is really mesmerizing. The second Alocasia in this set is the Alocasia Stingray. She has speckled stems and green quirky shaped leaves. These leaves resemble the shape of a stingray, which she earned her name from. The third one is the Alocasia Dragon Scale. She has a heavily structured leaf that has light and dark green shades. You might already be able to guess where she got her name from. ;)

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    Caring for an Alocasia can be a challenge at times, but is totally worth the effort! They will prefer a spot with bright indirect light. Make sure not to place them in the full sun, since it will burn their leaves. You should water them regularly with small splashes of water, since they don’t really like to have drought around the roots. Just keep an eye on any water that might be accumulating on the bottom of the pot. They don’t like to be left standing in a puddle either. Provide them with a humidity of at least 60%, they originated from the tropical rainforest and are used to a nice humid environment. Alocasia can become very big, to give them the energy to become that big they will need fertilizer. You can give them a monthly portion of organic nutrition in the growing season to make sure they have everything they need. 

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