Alocasia Frydek


Alocasia Frydek

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Nursery planter
    about this plant
    Die Alocasia Frydek hat dunkelgrüne, samtartige Blätter. Schöne weiße Venen heben sich vom Untergrund der dunkelgrünen Blätter ab, sodass es aussieht, als würden sie Licht abgeben. Diese Dame ist genauso süß wie exklusiv, weil sie nur eine begrenzte Verfügbarkeit hat. Wie auch die anderen Alocasias benötigt sie etwas zusätzliche Liebe, um weiter so zu glänzen, aber dafür bekommt ihr auch eine echt tolle Wohnzimmerpflanze.
    • diameter14cm
    • height±25cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner
    Die Alocasia Frydek mag keine nassen Füße, gib ihr also lieber mehrmals pro Woche einen kleinen Schluck Wasser. Pass auf, dass das Substrat nicht zu nass wird, denn dann können die Wurzeln der Alocasia Frydek faulen. Wenn braune Ränder an den Blättern auftreten, wird es Zeit, sie umzutopfen. Stelle sie möglichst an einen hellen Ort, aber nicht in die pralle Sonne. Gib ihr im Frühling und Sommer, der Wachstumsphase, regelmäßig zusätzlich etwas Bio-PLNTS-Dünger, um sie optimal zu unterstützen.
    Felix - August 31, 2022
    10/10 Versand ging super fix und die Pflanze war im absoluten Bestzustand. Verpackung war, wie immer, sehr gut.
    Gerlinde Lindenau - August 30, 2022
    Beautiful healthy plant
    Nete Andersen - August 24, 2022
    Super pretty and healthy plant. Is very full compared to orher alocasias i have bought with several (at least 3) new growths shooting up. No damage on any leafs. Very happy :)
    Jingman Li - June 18, 2022
    I am from Sweden Stockholm. After I ordered the plants, I received them in 4 days which really impressed me. The delivery was really quick! And thank for the, a lot of all Alocasia plants which I can’t not find them easier in Sweden! But plnt provide a lot of them and I received them in very good quality! Recommend buy the plants in summer time, the plants have better activities and the weather is also milder. Anyway, thanks for providing such lovely plants. I would like to shop more next time!
    soninka - April 29, 2021
    Came in with two big leaves and around 5 small ones, however all the small ones died off within few days after unboxing, which is expected after shipping so no big deal. A huge new leaf is on its way along with 4 tiny pups emerging so that's a nice compensation for the lost leaves. The plant looks beautiful and healthy, my only complaint is that this plant together with all the other ones I got in this order seems to be packed in a hurry and all of them have at least some mechanical damage on almost every leaf.
    Maria Ibanez Sabate - April 15, 2021
    The plant is soo so beautiful!! I can believe I have it. It arrived in perfect condition with a new leave poping out. I can't wait to see it grow.
    Danying BELLI - February 21, 2021
    La plante est sublime. Elle me donne déjà les nouvelles pousses à ses pieds! Trop contente.
    Elin Hedin - January 12, 2021
    Arrived in perfect condition, despite one week of travel in cold weather. Great packaging and wonderful plant!
    Elisa Pereira Martins - November 24, 2020
    I am very pleased with this order. The plant was bigger and had many more leaves than I expected. The plant arrived with droopy leaves (as it was stressed from the shipping conditions), however it recovered after one week. I am now getting two more leaves at the same time. Gorgeous plant.
    Kathleen Woywod - November 18, 2020
    Schnelle Lieferung, gut verpackt. Bildschöne Pflanze mit 4 etablierten Blättern und 1 jungen Blatt. Fast delivery (Germany) and well packed. Incredibly stunning plant with 4 established leaves and a new not-yet-unfurled leaf. Size M
    Paula - November 15, 2020
    Arrived in perfect condition, I’m in love with this plant! After 5 days of transport it arrived healthy due to the great packing.
    kristina.fendesack - November 11, 2020
    Noch schöner als auf dem Foto.
    Katarina Hartikainen - November 07, 2020
    Wow, amazing plant. Arrived today in perfect condition.
    Lucija Reic - November 06, 2020
    Lovely plant, one of my favourites. It arrived in perfect condition as well and has since been thriving.
    Ann Turner - September 30, 2020
    This is just a really gorgeous plant ,stunning

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