Alocasia Black Zebrina

Baby Black Zebrina€14.95

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about this plant

This special plant is now also available as a baby! She is so special because of her completely black stems. Her black stems give her a tough touch, we think. Of course, her name comes from the fact that she looks so much like the Alocasia zebrina. She lacks the 'zebra' stripes, but you get too dark stems in return. Isn't it extraordinary?!

  • diameter4cm
  • height±15cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • benefitsair cleaner

This baby enjoys a spot with plenty indirect sunlight. She doesn’t like direct sunlight however as this will burn her leaves! A spot in the shade will slows down her growth. In other words, a spot in a partly shaded area or with indirect sunlight is best! The Black Zebrina prefers a soil that is moist at all times. However, make sure not to overwater nor to keep the soil too moist as this will cause her roots to rot. Giving the plant a little bit of water every now and then is preferred over giving it lots of water at all once.

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