Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Mini Monstera


Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma
Baby Mini Monstera€4.95€3.95
Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

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    about this plant

    The Phaphidophora Tetrasperma is also known (very catchily!) as the ‘Mini Monstera’. But unlike her lookalike which grows from a single stem, this lady can branch out. She loves to climb, so give her something like an arc lamp to cling to and she will repay your support by clambering all over your living room!

    • diameter4cm
    • height±15cm
    • lovessunny spots
    • care leveleasy
    • benefitsair cleaner
    The Phaphidophora Tetrasperma is not a sensitive plant. She does well in a light spot but also thrives in darker corners too, though her leaves will get bigger and will display deeper notches when she sits in bright light. She likes slightly moist soil, but she can withstand a bit of drought so it is not a disaster if she’s watered late once in a while. During spring and summer, the growing season
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    Ellie Bisping - November 14, 2022
    Came in perfect condition with a new leaf on the way
    Mariagiovanna Capone - March 21, 2022
    the plant was perfectly packed (like all the others). I changed her pot and soil, and she is growing a lot. benisismo took place in the bright position but without direct sun
    Ugne G. - December 20, 2021
    It came very well packaged and looks healthy. Seeing the picture I was expecting some finestration, but the plant is too young to have any. Happy with it otherwise, hope the next leaf has finestrations.
    Sara Ståhl - October 24, 2021
    At arrival I was a bit nervous about the leaves, all of them were whole so I was wondering IF it was the right plant. But after a few days a new Leaf started to roll Up and before it was open I could see a crack in it. Wery please with my plant and looking forward to see it grow
    Surbhi Rana - April 07, 2021
    happy and healthy, unfurling its second leaf now.
    Sabina Mauri - March 10, 2021
    not sure why I hadn't left a review before, but I really loved my purchase. First of all, I ordered 1 but received 2 :-) The plant were tiny but looked okay. I bought them in October and now (March) are already much bigger, they put a new leaf (fully fenestrated) every week. Strongly recommended to have!! Too bad I can't add a picture :-)
    Francesca Oliverio - March 08, 2021
    A bit smaller than expected but she still looks really nice. Her soil was drenched in water but hopefully it won’t be a problem. Still a really pretty plant
    Malin Grünberg - February 08, 2021
    Arrived in good condition and even the tiny leave have fenestrations already :)
    Amanda Abarte - December 02, 2020
    Arrived with no fenestration so at first I was worried if it even was the right plant... but the new leaf came in lovely like it's supposed to and so has other leaves after that! Love this one!
    Laura - September 03, 2020
    I ordered this plant a week ago and it arrived today almost dead... my sister ordered two a couple of weeks ago and one died and the other is struggling. They don´t travel well at all. Still, costumer service responded quickly and perfectly : )
    Ella - July 03, 2020
    I ordered 3 of these and they arrived within a few days in great condition. 5 weeks later, they have put out multiple new leaves each and are settling into the big pot with a coconut coir pole and starting to vine a bit already (be aware, if you are potting baby plants in a big pot be sure the soil/potting medium is super fast draining, check out Al's Gritty Mix if you need a recipe to mix your own). I was so happy with my R. tetrasperma so much I came back to order more plants and love the new site design!

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