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Prince of Orange Philodendron
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    about this plant
    The Philodendron Prince of Orange is named after its beautifully colored leaves, which show a wide array of colors as the plant grows. New growth starts with a yellow color that fades into a beautiful copper, which eventually turns into various shades of dark green. Thanks to the shifting colors it’s a real treat to watch the Prince of Orange grow! As opposed to other Philodrendron varieties, which grow leaves from the stem, the Prince of Orange grows its leaves from the middle of the plant.
    • diameter12cm
    • height±10cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner
    The Prince of Orange is relatively easy to care for. Like most Philodendrons, it prefer a bright spot with lots of indirect sunlight as well as a slightly moist soil. The Prince of Orange typically grows towards the light so make sure to turn it around a bit every now and then. This will help the plant grow evenly and produce beautiful leaves on all sides! Older leaves on the Prince can turn yellow again, it is therefore important to distinguish between a normal shift in the leaves’ colors or a shifting in color that indicates sickness or old age before taking action.
    AliceP - April 02, 2021
    Je suis très contente d’avoir reçu ma commande, mais j’ai été un peu déçu et attristé quand j’ai vue mon philodendron prince of orange complètement dépoté!!! (J’ai pris des photos) J’espère qu’il n’a pas trop souffert et qu’il va bien reprendre !! Sinon tout le reste de ma commande était parfait sauf ça c’était quand même ce philodendron était quand même le but de ma commande et le plus cher. Je croise les doigts.
    anabelmartiinez - March 01, 2021
    Very nice plant, came in perfect shape. Would buy again :)
    Julian Torralba - February 11, 2021
    The plant arrived beautiful but really soaked. This is not my first order in PLNTS and so far all plants came in perfect conditions. Therefore, I thought this one had to be like that, but.... after some weeks it has started to lose the leafs and sadly I have no choice but to give it by lost.
    melisaulug - February 07, 2021
    the plant came in very well packaged and in good condition, very glad about this purchase!
    Luke O Mara - February 04, 2021
    Very nice plant. Arrived in good condition with beautiful leaves.
    Gaïdig Le Peutrec - January 29, 2021
    Very nice, arrived in good condition
    Julia Deeb - January 27, 2021
    Absolutely stunning! Also very well packed amazing 10/10! - December 07, 2020
    Really beautiful plant! Came well packed and in a really nice condition.

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