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about this plant

This rare beauty is a hybrid between Gloriosum and Pastazanum, so it’s not hard to guess where her beauty comes from! She will produce huge heart shaped leaves with white nerves. But for now, this tissue culture form of the McDowell is still tiny and super endearing. And if we say tiny, we really mean miniscule! How amazing is it to witness this tiny plant growing into a big and grownup plant? We are super excited! We have made a blog for you to provide you with the right information of what tissue culture is precisely. We highly advise you to read this information and then get going with growing this charmer!

All Tissue Culture items are wrapped in paper, be careful when unpacking your box.

  • diameter3cm
  • height±13cm
  • pet friendlynon-toxic

This cutie will be shipped inside a propagation tube with some liquid substance in the bottom. This substance will provide her with the nutrients she needs to grow until she becomes too big for the tube. When she has outgrown the tube and you are up for the experiment, you can take her out of the tube. It is best to use a pair of sterile tweezers for this. The outside world is still a little bit too overwhelming for her, so we advise you to put her inside a terrarium. This will recreate the same type of environment as she is used to inside the tube. Give her cutting soil as a base, this is light and already contains lots of nutrients for your tiny plant. Rinse of the 'gel'from her roots before potting her inside the cutting soil. Now you can fully enjoy seeing her develop!

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Elunair - September 12, 2022
When I ordered this TC in June, I was very sceptical about the result of this experiment. Now, 2,5 months later, I still keep the McDowell in its plastic home. I can tell the plant develops very well (slowly but steady) so far - the growing process of the roots and leafes is still ongoing, but she was able to create 3 new roots and the leafes keep growing in size. Just one small leaf turned brown. I think in about 1 or 2 months I can take her out of her home and can finally put her in a tiny pot. :)

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Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!