Hoya Carnosa Tricolor

Wax plant

Hoya Carnosa Tricolor
Baby Carnosa Tricolor€4.95

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about this plant
The Hoya carnosa tricolor is an exotic wax flower and has beautifully coloured leaves. The Hoya is a hanging plant with curly leaves that will develop fragrant flowers over time.
  • diameter6cm
  • height±10cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • care leveleasy
  • benefitsair cleaner
Put or hang the Hoya in the semi-shade. The Hoya cannot live in full sun but loves a lot of light. Originally the Hoya grows in the tropical rainforest, where it is always very humid. Also as an indoor plant the Hoya likes to have a continuous moist soil. Make sure that there is no root rot.
Maria Ibanez Sabate - April 15, 2021
Half the size of the picture (3 leaves and small one coming). But it is really beautiful and looks healthy.
Adele Biddulph - April 05, 2021
Arrived in perfect condition and already had a cute pink leaf!
nuria119 - February 17, 2021
It arrived in perfect condition, and even has some pink traces already. It's a cutie!
Livia Cid - February 16, 2021
Mine arrived today and they are so cute and tiny! Already has a leave turning pink on one of them! arrived super healthy with good packaging in the middle of winter!
Emma More - February 02, 2021
Looks just like in the picture, already has some pink. Pretty plant!
Amber de WIt - January 14, 2021
Arrived in great condition, doesn’t have pink yet but i’m sure it will show when it will grow!
Sara Wennerström - December 20, 2020
Arrived perfect. Nice storing roots and healthy plant. Just like picture.
Elisabeth Loresch - November 25, 2020
Kam mit richtig schönen und starken Wurzeln an!!
Lina Maniusyte - November 08, 2020
Like picture. Nice plant and already growing well.
Melanie Sukič - October 15, 2020
It arrived in excellent condition!!
Laura Cosci - October 07, 2020
Has no pink yet but I love this plant! Arrived healthy and with good packaging
bunny - September 05, 2020
In perfect condition, the plant looks almost unrealistically good!
Caiting Cao - August 29, 2020
arrived in great condition, very thoughtful and good packaging, the plants look healthy, I am happy :D
Isa - August 22, 2020
one leaf fell off during the transportation, but other than that easy easy plant, doesn't require a lot of water... rather slower grower though
Clover - May 13, 2020
Has no pink markings yet but newer leaves are showing signs. One small new leaf was dried up and shrivelled so had to be taken off. Quite a sturdy plant for people who need it shipped.

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