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about this plant

The baby Alocasia ‘Stingray’ is named for its remarkable leaves which appear like a school of floating stingrays hovering above the pot. The Alocasia stingray is a unique member of the colourful Araceae family, and needs a lot of space to spread her leaves wide. In natural settings her leaves become so large they’re said to resemble an elephant's ear. For many animals in the Southeast Asian rainforest the leaves, which can reach a metre wide, offer a safe hiding place.

  • diameter4cm
  • height±25cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • care leveleasy
  • benefitsair cleaner
Sarah Schmit - October 19, 2022
It came in very healthy. It was a very big one. It already has nine leaves and one that was just starting to sprout. I had to repot it already because it had root bound roots. The plant looks very happy, all the leaves are standing straight. I am in love with this one.
Betina Møller Nielsen - July 21, 2022
This is such a cute and cool plant that I wanted for ages! It already gave me one new shot and it's spurting again!
Leah - April 01, 2022
Arrived within 5 days of shipping (to Portugal) and bigger than the photo with 4 leaves and one on the way. Great condition too
Giorgia - March 26, 2022
It was a littel dried out when arrived. But I see a new leaf coming out. I think it'll be fine and healthy
Mariagiovanna Capone - March 21, 2022
Wonderful. the plant was perfectly packed (like all the others). it is adapting to the new house, 1 leaves on 4 have dried up
Emma More - April 15, 2021
I think this is the funniest looking alocasia, also the coolest one! :) Arrived in perfect condition.
TessyMagpie - March 22, 2021
Arrived in great condition. Very nice baby plant. I hope it will grow bigger :))
Lina Maniusyte - November 08, 2020
very beautiful plant. One of the favourites Alocasias.
Louma Sader - September 14, 2020
Arrived in perfect condition, bigger than pictured. This plant has pushed out 2 new leaves in a month. Very pleased!
Zsofia Margitai - September 14, 2020
I ordered some different plants last month, including this one. Each plant arrived in very good condition. Since then, among others, this plant has grown a lot. I am very satisfied with this webshop! Many thanks for these beautiful and healthy plants!!
Anca Dragoe - August 23, 2020
They arrived in excellent condition! Very pretty!!!
Jhoanna Lindgren - August 18, 2020
We had trouble with the parcel, it arrived in bad conditions and did not make it. Emma offered refund, I might try to order this one again.
Boby TANG - July 10, 2020
Probably one of my favorite plant at the moment, it arrived perfectly fine, i hope it will acclimate well

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Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!