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We are PLNTS - the online plant shop for everything a plant lover needs! is your one-stop shop for all plant related goodness. It’s a place to learn how to become the best possible plant parent and connect with other plant lovers throughout Europe and the USA.

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4.6 out of 5 stars, based on 18,700+ reviews

Fast delivery, packaged with care and complete. Plus a (too) nice shopping experience on the website making it impossible to not order a baby plant extra...

- Stefan Boonen

Third time ordering my plants, pots and soil from this store, and I have never regret a purchase.

- Maricarmen L

Amazing website easy to navigate, great prices and very healthy plants! They package them really well and arrive in perfect conditions. I ordered through them a few times and loved everything. Their support service is amazing.

- Asia Brodini

Overall shipping and products are great, unfortunately the spagnum moss bag opened during shipping though. The moss got all over the other stuff and made everything quite messy. Some of it is unfortunately unusable now.

- Customer

I am satisfied. The transportation was very quick with in 2 days I got my plants. They arrived well packaged and they are growing nicely and healthy.

- Joan

The journey of your new plant!

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Your order will be hand picked and packed in our strong and sustainable packaging as soon as possible!



Your order will be delivered straight from our greenhouse to your door by your chosen carrier. You can follow the journey of your plants via the tracking link you receive in your mail.



Carefully unpack your new plants, check their condition and give them a sip of water when needed. Place them in a nice spot and they are ready to shine! Happy growing!