The Exhibition

PLNTS 5-Year Anniversary: A Green Journey to Remember!

On Saturday, the 10th of June 2023, we celebrated our 5-year anniversary with a remarkable event that brought influencers, creators and our cherished community together for a day of blooming inspiration! It was a day full of greenery, growth and creativity!

The exhibition LP.pngLijn.png We invited our plant-loving influencers for a cosy brunch in the middle of our green jungle. This lovely gathering created connections and was the start for a day full of plant-inspired magic!



After brunch, influencers and creators joined hands to craft new designs. From fun planters to beautiful plant-inspired art, we can't wait to unveil the outcome of these partnerships - some cool new designs are coming your way!



To share our gratitude and love, we extended a special invitation to some lucky community members to join our exhibition and greenhouse tour, led by our growers. The tour gave a behind-the-scenes peek at how we nurture our thriving plants, leaving everyone inspired and connected to our green mission!

The tourLP.png

Our 5-year anniversary was a celebration of growth and unity, and we are super grateful to everyone who stopped by. With fresh designs on the horizon and a vibrant community by our side, we look forward to blooming brighter in the years to come!


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